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Reading with your child even at a very young age is a really great opportunity for bonding with your little one. These Lamaze and Winnie the Pooh Soft Books are full of developmental textures and features designed for teaching and learning - as your child gets older they will respond more and more to the pictures and lovable character in each story.
Lamaze Classic Discovery Book
Full of surprises for baby to touch and feel, the book includes soft textures, bright colours and sounds to encourage baby’s exploration.
Lamaze Peek a Boo Forest Book
Books are a gorgeous way for parent and baby to bond through reading and discovering new things in Lamaze soft textured books.
£7.99 £11.99
Winnie the Pooh Soft Discovery Books
A brilliant selection of soft textures reading books for your baby. Baby books are a great time for baby and carer to bond and spend time together exploring and finding new things at each stage.