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Everyone loves these reliable wooden toys, all with that added extra of being educational too! Teach your child numbers, colours, shapes and coordination. Let them use their imagination and allow their coordination develop naturally.
My Little World
Using 2 specialised magnetic pens, guide the coloured balls to the area they belong in. These wooden toys are amazing activities for your child, learning new skills all the time.
Owl Kingdom
A great wooden game for your child. Teach them to use the magnetic pen to guide the coloured balls to the right coloured owl. Encourage them to increase their speed each time working on coordination and patience.
Threading Beads and  Laces
A great timeless wooden game. 125 different coloured, different shaped wooden blocks that your child will love to thread onto the laces and create multiple different strings of beads, that they will enjoy in different ways as they get older.
Threading Butterflies
Using coloured strings, teach your child the skills of patience and coordination. Guide them to guide the lace through the holes. Large wooden butterflies.
Threading Fruit and Vegetable Game
A fabulous wooden game designed with your child in mind. 24 fruit coloured wooden pieces of fruit and veg and 2 strings. A great wooden game, where you can teach your child coordination skills, the names of the fruit and veg and their colours.